The TMS track team enjoyed a very warm day in Maranacook with about 300 other athletes....

800M Race Walk:  Michaela Mowery- 8

Girls 100M Dash:  Rosie Barstow- 16th, Aiva Mackay-Montplaisir - 2nd, Michaela Mowery - 32nd

1600M Run:  Ceci Ross- 9th

4x100 Relay:  Isla DeCato, Ceci Ross, Michaela Mowery, Aiva Mackay-Montplaisir - 10th

200M Dash:  Kimberly Muck- 18th

Discus:  Michaela Mowery -5th, Rosie Barstow - 7th, Isla DeCato- 14th

Shot Put: Rosie Barstow 6th

Long Jump: Isla DeCato -6th, Kimberly Muck - 23rd

Boys 100M Dash:  Cyrus Mills -2, Evan Parsons -3, Zain Connolly -9, Zachary Swan 21

High Jump:  Zain Connolly 5th

1600M Run:  Mikah Vandenbulke 9th, Kaiden Manjourides 12th

4x100 Relay: Cyrus Mills, Zain Connolly, Zachary Swan, Evan Parsons - 2nd

800M Run:  Ryder Bailey 12th

4x400 Relay
Zain Connolly, Ryder Bailey, Mikah Vandebulke, Kaiden Manjourides - 5th

Discus :  Bjorn Vandenbulke 19, Davon DeGruttola 21

Javelin:  Bjorn Vandebulke 18,  Davon DeGruttola 17

Long Jump:  Cyrus Mills 1st,  Mikah Vandebulke 8

Nice job in the heat Telstar!!!

Coach Colleen